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     About our team

We are creative team consisting of specialist in programming, computer graphics, project management, online marketing and much more. Combination of our skills and enthusiastic attitude towards every performed task makes us perfect partner eager to help you in realization of your ideas - form regular ones to wildest you can imagine.
Feel free to contact us and share your needs so we can propose solution fitted for you.


Our Mission

Through multiple realized projects we have learned that in most of the cases proper IT solution is just a way to achieve further goal defined by our clients that helps to grow their business.
Therefore whether it is Web Application, Mobile Application or any other software solution we make huge effort to understand and sometimes to advise what exactly client wants to achieve.

Equipped with this knowledge we are able to provide tailored solution which among others must fulfill two core requirements:
- Technologically superior
- Focused to achieve main goal that was defined with the client 

All of that is focused on one aim that is core of our mission – client that is satisfied with delivered solution which helps him to grow his business.


We're passionate about newest technology and best results

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Best in class

We are offering our clients superior solutions which are perfectly fitted for his needs. Our goal is always to be best in class

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Technology driven

Our team invests a lot of time on R+D (Research and development) and is always looking for newest and hottest technologies on the market

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Personally & professional

We enjoy direct and truly professional communication with our customers. We are available around the clock.

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Fair & Accurate

We aim to be correct and accurate within given goals

Meet our team

We are a highly energized team that is driven by technology and data. Our team truly loves what we do and we get every day an inch closer to perfection.

Team member

Pascal Manuel Schweingruber

Founder / CEO

Team member

Marek Zgajewski

Founder / CTO

Team member

Piotr Wytrych

Founder / Consultant

Team member

Veronika Dumalo

Frontend Developer

Team member

Bruno Cisowski

Frontend Developer

Team member

Piotr Spadło

Backend Developer

Team member

Maciej Janas

Project Manager

Team member

Hubert Zgajewski

Software Tester


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