Security audits

Since the very beginning of company existence we have treated security very seriously as we are aware that this is primary way to keep products that we create for our customers and in result our own business safe. Some of our team members even have strictly specialized in this field before they joined us. In result at some point due to our holistic approach to this subject and increasing marked demand to security related services we have decided to offer it as separate part of our business.

Nowadays we already have extensive experience in providing strictly security related services to our clients. Most of our work in this field is related with security audits during which among others:

  • We asses compliance of your systems with certain standards and norms
  • We check protection levels of persona data and security of IT systems
  • We identify critical security points of your environment

Our audits are based on blackbox, greybox and whitebox methods. All critical security errors are prioritized, reported and solved immediately upon detection.

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