Internet of Things

Internet of Things

We truly believe that IoT widely understood as concept based on the idea of communication between devices without human interference (M2M - machine to machine) is one of main technological development directions that we are going to witness in nearest future. Therefore we are very proud of our experience in this field that we can offer to our clients.

If you want to realize IoT related project in one of main fields like:

  • Smart homes and buildings
  • Smart cities
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Intelligent enterprises and industry
  • Transportation
  • Energy management
  • Manufacturing and automation
  • Environmental and threat monitoring
  • Intelligent measuring systems
  • Safety
  • or any other

feel free to contact us with your idea and we will approach it with unexpected passion as our team members realize IoT projects not only in professional lives but also during free time as for some of us this is one of our hobby’s.

Our experience among other fields covers in particular Transportation, Safety, UAV, Intelligent industry, Intelligent measuring systems.

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