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Progressive Web App a great fit for mobile

PWA app

What is it?

Progressive Web Application is a web application that uses modern web capabilities to provide users with an experience similar to a dedicated mobile application. These applications must meet specific requirements, are deployed to servers, accessed via URLs and indexed by search engines.


Why was PWA created for ?

PWA was created in order to create a single universal standard for web applications. This standard, and in fact a set of good practices and guidelines, was developed in 2015 by the creators of the Google Chrome browser. This standard makes it possible to create a website that also functions as a mobile application. As a result, from the customer's perspective, project development is much cheaper and more efficient, and from the end-user's perspective, the application is much faster and takes up less space on his device.

PWA vs native app

PWA benefits to the business regardless the sector or industry

  • Design

    One Design

      Available on all devices (desktops, devices with systems Android and iOS).
  • Mobile first

    Mobile First

    always mobile first in development process.
  • Costs


    Much cheaper in programming, implementation, promotion and maintenance than native applications - We create one web application available on all platforms.
  • Security

    Information Security

    Much cheaper in programming, implementation, promotion and maintenance than native applications - We create one web application available on all platforms.
  • Offline


    Thanks to the use of the https protocol, which, according to the portal, is used only by 61.4% of all websites on the Internet.
  • Speed

    Loading speed

    PWA loading time is at least 2-3x faster compared to most websites / platforms / online stores. According to research by Google, the bounce rate of websites by users depends on the page loading time.
  • Install

    Easy to install

    No need to download applications from an application store such as Google Play or the App Store. PWA's display a message that can be installed on the device when used.
  • PWA solution

    Universal solution

    Many global brands use PWA technology, some example:
  • Updates

    Automatic updates

    The user does not need to update the application. The new version is displayed to the user as soon as it is published.

They have already succeeded

Success stories

Google has found that as load times increase from 1s to 5s, bounce rates increase by 90%. Beyond performance, our web experience can’t be affected by sudden network problems and should ideally be even available offline.

Twitter launched its PWA in 2017. 80% of their users were mobile, so they needed to provide more engaging access with lower data consumption – especially for visitors who had a weak Internet connection. At 600 KB, Twitter Lite is much smaller than the corresponding heavyweight Android app (23.5 MB). This PWA offers an “Add to Homescreen” prompt, web push notifications, and temporary offline browsing. As a result, Twitter achieved a 65% increase in pages per session, a 75% increase in Tweets sent, and a 20% lower bounce rate.
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