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What is SmartTaxi?

Smart Taxi is a innovative solution created by Execute IT which is an attractive advertising and entertainment tool for taxi corporations and advertisers.

Through integration of mobile application with a dedicated content management system (CRM) and a regular tablet with a 4G module, we have obtained a smart device for delivering advertisement and information content that you can easily mount on taxi head restraints. By making this product, we have created for our clients a platform that improves the quality of the carrier's services and gives advertisers an unique opportunity to reach taxi users with dynamic content.

Currently we have multiple taxi carriers with hundreds of vehicles that benefit from our solution in Western Europe where our software operates faultlessly from the very beginning of cooperation which was established few years ago. Our experiences abroad show that taxi passengers value this multimedia services and demand for appropriately equipped taxis increases.

How it works?

mounted tablet in a taxi on the headboard

To use SmartTaxi technology you simply need to install application on any Android tablet. After its launch, the tablet switches into permanent interactive kiosk mode. Through permanent use of internet connection we receive a mobile interactive kiosk which we can manage remotely in real time.

Tablets are mounted on head restrains in a special cases that on one hand assure safety of the device and on other safety of the passengers. Apart from that front panels of the cases can be equipped with convenient external ports (i.e. USB) which allow taxi users to charge their phones or other gadgets if necessary.


Smart Taxi offers wide range of service channels. In currently operating systems our clients usually choose following main system functionalities:

  • Infotainment/Apps
  • Beacons
  • Taxi Guide
  • Top Brands
  • Get Deals
  • System of advertisement statistics and user activity monitoring

In each implementation there are vast possibilities to personalize both the main functionalities of the system and functionalities of each segment according to individual needs. Apart from that there is also possibility to change main viewing options of each functionality in order to achieve desired graphic and business result.

Infotainment functionality

how main menu look like

In order to encourage user to interact with kiosks as part of Infotainment sheet we have developed multiple functionalities which are useful and entertaining. Following ones are those which our clients currently tend to use:

  • My Taxi
  • Access to current news
  • Information about Hotels
  • Schedule of upcoming flights at a defined airport
  • Video materials
  • Weather information
  • Selfie which which we can send to selected e-mail address
  • Free access to the Internet via tablet Wi-Fi module

All desired functionalities as well as main Infotainment sheet are fully customizable depending on needs.

Beacons functionality

beacon maps

Beacons is a system for creating territorial advertisements. Thanks to the use of GPS technology, we can create advertisements that are displayed when a taxi is going to enter the defined region surrounding location specified by the advertiser.

Taxi Guide functionality

taxi guide menu look

Taxi Guide is a practical guide and advertisement tool of the most interesting places in the city. In this sheet we can advertise any business by placing information about offer along with the promotion codes, which will encourage passengers to visit and take advantage of the offer. In addition, the guide is divided into categories depending on the type of business in order to simplify research about desired service.

Top Brands functionality

Top Brands menu look

Top Brands sheet is a place that allows clients to advertise their business in the form of an interactive advertising campaign. Campaigns placed here at the advertiser's request may have more complex capabilities like for example multilevel content navigation that allows user to find additional advertisement information that may be interesting for him but are not displayed on the campaign's main page.

Get Deals functionality

look get deals

Get Deals is usually placed inside advertisement campaigns. Whenever passenger is interested in discounts offered by advertiser this functionality gives him possibility to scan adequate QR code with his mobile or send promotion code to his e-mail. It allows to use discounts offered by advertisers after leaving the taxi.

statistics chart

Through Advertisement statistics and monitoring of user activity embedded in the Platform we have the possibility to obtain detailed statistics of users activity on devices as well as information about advertisements that are most popular etc.. This allows to evaluate immediately the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and their modification.

Data which is gathered and processed by the system is fully customizable depending on needs.

Advantages and benefits of our solution

Quality – improvement of carriers service quality through implementation of enhanced transportation standards which increase its attractiveness in comparison to other carriers

Improved campaign results – increased effectiveness of the advertisement campaigns achieved through real time content management depending on profile and preferences of the client

Price – by using tablets as hardware cost of expanding interactive kiosks network is decidedly lower in comparison with regular dedicated devices which apart from screens require separate on-board computer.

Size – due to small tablet size and its mobility our solution provides much more flexibility during installation in the vehicles without permanent physical interference with car components.

Mutual profits – every side involved in system implementation benefits. Doesn’t matter whether you are taxi carrier, media owner, taxi user, service provider, media house or advertiser – everyone gains

Dynamic advertisement – unique possibility of presenting dynamic advertisement to taxi users which is much more attractive and eye-catching than regular printed banners

Improved interaction – better interaction with taxi clients through interactive applications and advertisement content

Enhanced targeting methods – advertisements are supported by complex and advanced technological solutions. This allows for example to optimize advertisements to be viewed when desired target group is detected etc. and in result to maximize results of advertisement campaigns

Friendly for taxi users – screen-displayed advertisement and infotainment method is much more pleasant and user friendly than regular printed banners

Real time remote management – whole interactive kiosks network is fully managed through our dedicated CRM system where all changes can be performed in real time through website which sends all the changes to devices via internet connection. Whole interface is created to be user friendly so content management is very intuitive.

Live demo – to eliminate errors which sometimes occur during changes performed by the clients we have created special demo functionality which views all changes in real time to be verified by client before real upload to devices.

New business opportunities - creating new cooperation possibilities between carriers and advertisers with mutual benefits

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