Your one small step with us,

One giant leap for your business.

mobile apps
graphic design
security audits
…and much more as even the sky is not the limit. Your needs and imagination are.

Where there's a will there's always a way

We are creative team consisting of specialist in programming, computer graphics, project management and much more. Combination of our skills and enthusiastic attitude towards every performed task makes us perfect partner eager to help you in realization of your ideas - form regular ones to wildest you can imagine.

We're programmers - #1

We can create for you something special. Words and brackets create you project. Our programming skills & open mind create a high quality apps.

We create and modify websites, ecommerce and mobile apps.

Our second hobby is system apps based on Windows and Linux.

We're designers - #2

We’re designers too. Our style is simple. Simple and clever for you. We love minimalism and thought shapes. We’re made by polygons and curves.

Web design, UX, logo design and print design. Everything is for us.

We started works on 3D design & printing. Maybe wanna some motion?

We're penetration testers

Our third area is a security. From audits to penetration testing of apps. Not all of us can be well protected. We’ll do it for you. We’re pleased to find your bug.

Security audits, penetration testing, remove threats from websites.

If you want to have a safety certificate on your website - send to us your url.

We're SEO

Fourth element is a addition to our skills. Web positioning strategy is important thing in XXI century. Our team have knowledge in search engine optimization.

Configuration & management of servers, SEO, marketing, hosting, domains.

Another advantage is the knowledge of Wordpress and Shoper (ecommerce).

Now it’s time for an additional content website filler - some numbers, stats and some info about our team.

Projects done

we’re done 69 projects

Of course, large-scale projects.

Coffee drinks

we’re drink 1369 coffee mugs

Live data provides coffee machine.

We're works X hours

we’re work 18 369 hours

Including sleepless nights.

We're have ∞ ideas

we’re have ∞ + 1 ideas

Last idea applies to your project.

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